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You will follow a course designed specifically for your needs and goals. Lessons will be adapted to your learning rhythm and fit your schedule. A variety of topics will be covered while following a logical progression in learning the language. Lessons can be structured around your existing knowledge, helping you to take a step forward in your learning and building your confidence.


I have a masters degree in Education and I have experience working in a school. During my studies, I gained knowledge about different teaching methods to encourage and promote effective learning and also how to adapt these methods to each individual person in regards to their special needs. Moreover, I have learnt how to plan and implement dynamic, fun and rewarding lessons.


I provide one to one tuition for children (from 6 years old) and adults. The lessons are suitable for any level (beginner, intermediate and advanced). If you want to learn with relatives or friends, group lessons can be organised. I can help children and adults with exam preparation for GCSE, AS / A level, DELF and DALF. Also if you need to learn French for work purposes, I provide in company courses and business French lessons.


I offer French lessons via Skype and therefore it's not a problem if we don’t live in the same country, city or part of London. If you really want to learn French, you can learn from anywhere. Many students prefer to learn from within the comfort of their own home or office. Feeling relaxed and confident is beneficial when learning or improve a language and this is why Skype lessons might suit you best.

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Why learn french

Not only is France a beautiful country offering amazing skiing, mountain or beach holidays, but it also has great weather with different climates and unique landscapes. It is of course one of the largest wine producers in the world and has the well known Champagne region. We cannot talk about France without mentioning its gastronomy, you may not know but in 2010 France was the first nation to have its gastronomy recognised by UNESCO as "intangible cultural heritage”.

France also has lot of cultural and natural wonders with 41 UNESCO heritage sites. It’s the most visited country and the one which leads the world in the field of tourism. Not only is French a beautiful and melodious language, but it is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, spoken on nearly every continent. French is the official language of twenty nine countries in Europe, America, Africa and Oceania. Furthermore, French is spoken in twenty four countries as another language. It is a significant language for business. Moreover French is one of the official languages of the UN, EU, UNESCO, NATO, Olympics and other organisations.

This explains why French is the most frequently learnt language after English and the fifth most spoken language in the world. In the coming years, it is likely that French will become the second most spoken language in the world with the development of Africa. As you may have understood, learning French is a true investment for your future regardless of what your personal objectives are.



“The courses with Anaïs have helped to improve my level of Business French significantly. I have grown in confidence, broadened my French vocabulary and can now hold conversations more credibly and with more self-assurance than I could before. Anaïs is supportive, patient and always flexibile with dates and times of the lessons around my job. I cannot recommend her lessons highly enough!”
Damian, England


Learn by yourself

If you prefer learning by yourself why not trying my latest book. It has be written to enhance self teaching. Probably not the most objective reviews but I’m using it for all my lessons :)